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At the core of Sport-9 is a passion that transcends the mere act of selling sports gear. We are advocates, enthusiasts, and practitioners of sports, founded on a shared vision to bring the world’s finest sports brands to Malaysia. Our mission is clear: to ensure quality, innovation, and accessibility in sports gear for every Malaysian athlete and enthusiast.

Our Journey

Our story is one of unity, ambition, and love for sports, beginning with the founding of Sport-9 by a group of four Malaysian volleyball lovers in 2023. The journey from our humble beginnings to where we stand today is marked by significant milestones, starting with the introduction of UZIS, a top basketball socks brand from China, to the Malaysian market in January 2023. This initial success was quickly followed by the addition of SEA POOL, known for its sport insoles, and LEFIGHT (also known as CTLR), further diversifying our product offerings and solidifying our commitment to providing comprehensive sports solutions.

Goals and Mission

Sport-9 is committed to democratizing access to premium sports gear, bridging the gap between world-class brands and Malaysian sports enthusiasts. Our story is one of passion, quality, and excellence—driven by a mission to empower and elevate the sports community in Malaysia.

Why ‘Sport-9’?

You might wonder about the story behind our name. “Sport” signifies our essence and dedication—we love sport, we participate in sport, and we specialize in the commerce of sport. The “9” holds a special place in our hearts, representing our founding members, who are all born in the years 1990 through 1999. Moreover, it symbolizes our forward-thinking approach, embodying the concept of sports in the digital age, or “Sport Online.” Sport-9 is more than a name; it’s a reflection of our identity, values, and vision for the future of sports in Malaysia.

Our Process

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Dive into our curated collection and discover how Sport-9 can transform your athletic journey. Connect with us on become part of a community that celebrates sports in all its forms. Sport-9 isn’t just about selling sports gear; it’s about nurturing a culture of sports excellence and passion across Malaysia.

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